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Bahnhofstrasse 1a, 1st foor midlle left, Goerlitz, Germany

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If you travel from Dresden to Wroclaw...we are just in the middle..if u come from Berlin to Prague..we are in between...or if u cycling from Baltic sea to Mediterranean sea...we are on your way..A dynamic cultural life around the corner, two countries one city and view of St. Peter's or the roofs of the old town - these are attributes that the Goerlitz comes up 'old town'. The prestigious Hollywood films was made it here with Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan or Kate Winslet!

In the 1000 year old city Grlitz with its breath-taking old town the Hostel EOL777 welcomes you. You want to experience Grlitz's hidden treasures, just a few minutes south of the center? You like good transport connections but not beeing bothered by its noise? Eol777 Hostel Grlitz is the 1st backpackers hostel.

When you come to Grlitz for the first time, its architectural variety will likely have you spellbound. The historic city is among the
best preserved in Central Europe. Grlitz is deemed to have Germanys most extensive heritage area with a total of 4000 listed
buildings. Most of them have been carefully restored, telling stories of the citys great wealth of the past.

Thanks to generous funding and private. And if youre asking for the time in Grlitz, youre bound to get a very precise answer. Because of its geographic location on the 15th meridian, Grlitz time is exact Central European Time. Since the expansion of the European Union in 2004, the city has indeed shifted into the heart
of the continent. While Grlitz and its sister city, the Polish Zgorzelec on the eastern banks of the River Neisse, had been divided in the aftermath of World War II, they are growing efforts since 1990, the city, where Bohemian, Saxon, Prussian and Silesian influences are tangible, has regained its former look and is in fact more beautiful than ever.

For many, it is simply the most beautiful city in Germany. Yet, you will hardly ever hear a Grlitzer utter such superlatives as the people here would be much too modest. But the locals would have good reason to be proud of their city and of its famous sons.

From our beautiful hostel it takes only 10 minutes by foot to the city center and the old town. We are at 900m from Grlitz Bahnhof (train station). We are small hostel with 2 shared rooms and 10 beds, kitchen for guest and free internet, towels and the cheapest price from the city!! Goerlitz is the most eastern city of Germany in former GDR (german Demokratik Republic)! You live... ... in a calm mansion area. No matter whether you undertake only a short journey into the Upper Lusatia or you are planning a longer vacation, we are pleased, to have you as guest in our house! Location & Transportation The beautiful old town (altstadt) ORIGINAL the city is shared by two countries....Germany and Poland the delicious food from Saxony and particulary from west upper Silesia.




From the Goerltz train station (Bahnhof) make left on Bahnhofstrasse about 900 meters and on the right side look for number 1A, ring the bell were is writen eol777 or hostel and go upstairs on the first floor and our door is on the middle left! see u here!